100% Biodegradable Egg Yolk Extractor

100% Biodegradable Egg Yolk Extractor

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Complete your kitchen arsenal with this eco-friendly egg yolk separator. Made of natural wheat straw plastic, you can rest knowing that you are using a non-toxic egg yolk extractor to prepare cakes and dishes for your family.

With the tab at the bottom of the egg yolk filter to secure it in place, you can have the free use of both hands. Thus, you can finish the task fast and easy.

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  • Materials: PP egg yolk separator
  • Product size: 8.2 x 6cm
  • Colors: green, blue, pink, beige

- For those of you who hate dividing eggs to yolks 

- Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer Safe

- Scratch-resistant and does not break when dropped


- Order is processed within 24 hours of ordering 

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